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2 Hours on the day = R480

4 Hours on the day = R960

6 Hours on the day = R1440

8 Hours on the day = R1920

Hourly rate for photography on the day = R240.

You can choose the hours that fit you, but lowest rate for WEDDINGS will be R960, and for other events R240.


20 digitally enhanced images = R 300

100 digitally enhanced images = R1500

150 digitally enhanced images = R2250

200 digitally enhanced images = R3000

You can choose your amount of images, but lowest amount for WEDDINGS will be 100 images, and 20 images for other events.


Petrol costs will be R3.00 per km from Somerset West

Total price = (amount of hours) + (amount of images) + (petrol cost)

example: 4 hours(R960) + 100 images(R1500) + 25km(R75) = R2535

20% deposit will be required before the day of event. This will be deducted from your total price. The outstanding amount is payable upon collection of photos in cash or via EFT. Your photos will be ready for collection in +/-14 working days on a flash disk.

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